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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Simple Roasted Carrots (Mia's favorite)

 Mia can seriously get behind these.  MamaFawn likes them because they are great for delivering nutrients to a munchkin, but also are easier on the waistline than any of the other snacks that a parent is likely to participate in whilst their little one enjoys the post-nap/pre-dinner kcals.  I stumbled on this late last summer when I discovered that PCC sells Nash's Best organic carrots in a 5# bag.  For those who aren't hip to Nash's (or my history with carrots), these are amazingly sweet and juicy carrots that, for some, can be eaten by the pound or two in a sitting.  I was going through a 5# bag a week for quite a while until the orange hue of 1989 started to come back and I had to take a little time off. 

In the case of this household, I usually prep them up early afternoon (nap-time) and they are ready to go when the Peanut wakes up for a sweet and tasty snack.  The roasting process intensifies the sweetness of the carrots and they make great finger food.

Preheat oven to 400.

Olive oil (optional)

Peel as many carrots as you like and cut in half lengthwise.  Place flat side down into a glass dish.  Add some water to dish (just enough to cover maybe 1/4 of the carrot's height).  Drizzle a bit of olive oil around over the carrots if you wish.  Cover with foil and roast for 30-45 minutes depending on how soft you want your carrots to be and who your audience is.  The water should evaporate out and will help speed the roasting process along by steaming them some. This process is also great for beets and other squash or root vegetables, of course!  Delicious.

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fawn said...

I couldn't possibly be alone in noticing that Cooks Illustrated's Nov/Dec issue with the roasted carrot recipe came out just after this post, right?